Summer Shutdown & Bonus

GM Departments: Off from July 4 to July 15

Important Note: Team Members working for the IP Line, please keep in mind that you will be required to work the second week of shutdown July 11 – July 15 unless already planned otherwise

Toyota Departments: Off from July 18 – July 22

All Team Members: Off Friday, July 1 for Canada Day

Summer Bonuses: Summer Bonuses are generously provided by Vuteq. The dollar amount of the bonuses is determined by the length of time that you have been at Vuteq which is defined below.

JANUARY 2016$250.00
FEBRUARY 2016$200.00
MARCH 2016$150.00
APRIL 2016$100.00
MAY 2016$50.00
JUNE 1 - JUNE 10, 2016$25.00 GIFT CARD

You will be receiving an email from Nicole with the amount that you will specifically be getting.
Bonuses will be directly deposited on June 30, 2016.

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