SRG Celebrates Canada’s 150

Participation 150 pic2017 marks quite a milestone in Canada – 150 years of Confederation! All over our nation, people and organizations are celebrating Canada’s birthday and SRG is no exception. The twist? We’ve decided to mark the year with physical activities. Through our Wellness Initiative, we are holding a contest in conjunction with the ParticipACTION 150 Play List.

The ParticipACTION 150 Play List includes “150 physical activities that make us uniquely Canadian… to inspire Canadians to sit less and move more”. We wanted to do just that at SRG. We’ve challenged our SRG offices and departments to participate in as many of the 150 activities as possible this year, individually or as a team. Each activity will earn them a point and the office/department with the most points at the end of 2017 will win a grand prize.

Participaction 150 pic 2The response company-wide has already been fantastic and we look forward to seeing more of what SRG accomplishes. Oh, and we’ll be sure to share some of the fun and hilarious highlights on social media throughout the year. What is your organization doing to celebrate Canada’s 150?



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