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Where they started, who they’ve become

V Armitage photoAfter graduating from university with a Bachelor of Education, Veronica Armitage really wanted to find a career where she could use her experience and education in a teaching position. However, teaching is a very competitive field in this region and she was having difficulty finding a position with the school board. She began looking into different types of careers in training and facilitation in learning environments. The worst part was applying for positions not in her field; Veronica was usually turned away because she was ‘overqualified’, when all she really wanted was a steady job to pay off her student loans.

In 2011, Veronica was working for Tim Horton’s while continuing to pursue a career in education. She heard from a friend that SRG was having a recruitment fair and decided to take in her resume and give it a shot. At the recruitment fair, Veronica, of course, got the same reaction. No one seemed to understand why she was there with her resume. She explained her situation and the challenges she was facing and SRG welcomed her to come into the Woodstock office and complete an assessment. She found the hands-on testing great as she was able to determine whether she’d be capable of handling automotive assembly and if it was something she wanted to pursue. “They actually listened to me and understood that at that time in my life I needed a change with the potential for growth and better compensation.” Veronica was placed in a job that provided her with full time hours as well as ample opportunity for overtime and starting wage that was quite a bit more than what she was currently making.

Veronica started working at Vuteq in May 2011, in IP. She had no idea what to expect as she had never worked in a factory before. However, she was up for the challenge and looked forward to learning about a new industry. She expected to stay only until she found something better, but was impressed by the broad range of processes and the job advancement opportunities available. Veronica was hired full time in 2014, with three years of experience on the IP line. She since moved into many different roles throughout Vuteq, including quality inspector on the IP line and then moving directly to the Quality department. She was the Quality Administrator for almost two years when a training position opened up. Veronica is now the Lexus Trainer and “could not be happier. I finally feel like I am utilizing my previous experience and education to aide Vuteq Canada in the training and certification of our Lexus team members.” She is also the worker co-chair for the Joint Health & Safety committee which has allowed her to not only satisfy her passion for education but also for safety and the safety of Vuteq team members.

SRG has helped Veronica get a job that gave her more financial security, in the automotive industry, which had always fascinated her. When asked what advice she’d give SRG Team Members just starting out at Vuteq, Veronica responded: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It is important to understand what you are doing and why to work safe and create good quality parts. Also, look at every new challenge as an opportunity for growth and experience.”

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