In the Spotlight

Where they started, who they’ve become

After high school graduation, Lenny Garcia’s goal was to become a nurse. She had trouble getting funding and encountered many obstacles along the way. Then she became a Mom, which was a full-time job in itself!

Years later, Lenny owned her own business and had considered Vuteq in the past, as she had experience working in a plastics factory for many years. She actually got that position through SRG and always found the office “very professional”. Back then she was promoted to supervisor, so Lenny passed on the Vuteq opportunity, but in 2004 she finally decided to try for it again. She interviewed in March and started the same day, on afternoons, on the IP line.

Lenny was hired on at Vuteq in December 2004 and in January 2005 became Subleader for IP line. She transferred to several areas over the years: Toyota Door Trim and Cami Door trim, where she was promoted to Assistant Subleader. She was also a Trainer in Toyota Door Trim, PGW Glass and Atobari. Most recently, Lenny has had the opportunity to be a Leadership Trainer for ASLs and SLs.

When asked how SRG has impacted her life, Lenny replied, “Without SRG I would not have gotten the opportunity to join a great place to work. Vuteq allows and encourages you to excel and gives you the much needed support.” She has this advice to give to those just starting their placement at Vuteq: “You create your own journey and Vuteq recognizes and rewards your individual desire to achieve. It is all up to you!!”

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