Safety Corner

Spring Cleaning Safety

by Brad Bradish, Manager, Injury Risk Management for SRG

With the season changing, the annual spring cleaning is also just around the corner. It is a great time to de-clutter and organize, but it also happens to be a time for a great amount of injuries. Here are some of my tips for spring cleaning to make sure you stay safe:

If your storage room is anything like mine, boxes to the ceiling and stuff stacked like a crazy game of Jenga, there is a high potential for injury. Boxes, or that weird gift from your “favourite” uncle, are a mountain waiting to tip. Each year I am amazed with the amount of injuries I hear from people having stuff hit them on the head. Best case scenario is a little bump and embarrassment; worst case is ending up in the hospital with a concussion.

“But what if I use a step-ladder to reach the high boxes?”

In America there were over 50,000 injuries related to step ladder use last year alone. One of the most common injuries were falls from not following the weight restriction on the stool. Reaching for items to the side or higher than the step ladder also accounted for a high amount of injuries.

As well, debris in your eyes is one of the other most common injuries involved with cleaning. Make sure you have some sort of eye protection on when moving those dusty bins.

Hopefully these hints will help with your spring cleaning to make sure it runs safely and smoothly.


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