Food Wellness Canada attends
North American Food Safety Summit

Food Wellness Canada IncFood Wellness Canada Inc (FWC) recently attended the North American Food Safety Summit in Toronto, ON. In attendance were highly reputable companies such as Walmart, High Liner Foods, Longo’s and 2015 BRC Manufacturer of the year, Trophy Foods.

The 2 day summit focused on the global food safety market and, with that, the increase in food fraud. Gordon Hayburn, 2015 North American Food Safety Top Trainer winner, led the group through new verification techniques, and his insight into hazard and risk analysis. Hayburn also introduced the audience to a disturbing fact: in 2015 more maple syrup and olive oil was sold than there are plants to produce it. This is a concern as it is unknown as to where these manufacturers are sourcing their ingredients.

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois shared the results of his World Food Safety ranking, which showed Canada and Ireland having the safest systems worldwide. While these results were positive, Dr. Charlebois also pointed out that having the best systems doesn’t guarantee that they will be problem-free. He also emphasized that even if a country scored lower, that doesn’t mean that their food is unsafe.

Brad Bradish, of Food Wellness Canada, lead a group discussion on managing allergens in both the industrial and retail world. There was a large consensus of how it is nearly impossible to maintain safeguards against allergens when dealing with the public. In the industrial world, strong policies and training were identified as keys to dealing with allergens in the workplace.

FWC will also be attending the 7th annual North American Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit in October in Toronto, ON to ensure they are up-to-date and current on all food safety legislation.

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