Communication at Vuteq

On-Site Support and Reporting Accidents & Injuries

On-site Support

We would like to remind everyone that Nicole and Carlee are your on-site support for anything that you need help with. Issues with training, conflict, questions, concerns or anything else that may come up – we encourage you to come to us. We have an open door policy and always have somewhere private that we can go to have a confidential conversation. We are located in Plant 1, in the Production office, or you can reach us via phone or email.

Nicole- 519-421-0011 ext 238 or
Carlee- 519-421-0011 ext 442 or

Reporting Accidents or Incidents

Recently, there has been an increase in accidents and incidents that are not being reporting to SRG. Although you are working at Vuteq, SRG is your employer, and it is extremely vital that all accidents/incidents are reported to both SRG and Vuteq. It is your responsibility to let SRG know, even if you have told Vuteq.

If an accident or incident occurs, please contact Nicole or Carlee (on-site at Vuteq) or your SRG office.

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