A changing workforce – are you prepared?

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Workforce Development (Employers), News

The days of working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 are fading away. A new generation is seeking flexible hours and a career that works with their home life. Is your company prepared?

It is often ‘Millennials’ who are labelled for this trend but it’s certainly not the only group who want flexibility in their work life. With a current labour shortage across North America, including industries such as manufacturing, hospitality and service, this trend has forced many companies to review their hourly model. They are examining what individuals are looking for and adjusting their criteria for availability in order to attract quality applicants.

So what does today’s workforce want?  According to author Alexandra Levitt, one of the biggest motivators for today’s workers is a flexible schedule. Employees want their career to fit with their other activities or jobs and they want a good balance of personal and work time. This makes for an attractive long term career opportunity. Will they apply and accept your current hourly schedule even if it’s not what they want? The answer is yes, because they just want to get working. Will they continue to watch the job market for a more appealing job that satisfies their needs? Absolutely.

What does a flexible schedule look like?  It is different for everyone. Applicants often still want the “perfect” schedule of Monday to Friday, day shift, but others might seek different options, depending on their home life. Consider afternoons, midnights, part-time, split shifts, weekends or even work from home. Many families have two parents working, both of whom may have to schedule around child care. Others may have a passion as an entrepreneur and are only looking for a part-time job to supplement their income. Every person’s situation is different and the demand for companies to be more flexible and open to different scheduling options is a must.

So, before you turn an ideal applicant away, because their availability doesn’t fit your company needs, consider other options that will motivate and attract that person to your job opportunity. Your flexibility could help to build a strong new generation at your organization.

Dana Soucie picAbout the Author

Dana Soucie

Dana Soucie is the Recruiter (aka The Fit Finder) for our Stratford Office. She loves working with people and helping them discover new jobs and careers suited to their unique abilities. Outside of work Dana spends much of her time with family and friends, touring on the back of a Harley, volunteering in her local community and attending Sparta races.

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