Rock Star Resumes – Why a resume is the most important thing connecting employer with employee

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Workforce Development (Employers), Career Development (Employees), News

Whether you are looking for workers or looking for work, a resume is the most important document connecting an employer to the right candidate. As a recruiter I find that even the most qualified and experienced applicants don’t represent themselves well on their resume. The average recruiter will review a resume for approximately 10 seconds. That does not allow a lot of time to identify skills and experience, so you better make sure that your resume is a ‘rock star’.

As a job seeker it can be difficult to write a resume, especially in an emotional state. All of our lives we are taught to be modest and humble. However, when building a resume you must do the opposite and really highlight your skills and abilities, create that rock star resume. Some job seekers will have an expert help them build a resume because the task seems so overwhelming. But consider, you now have a resume that looks great and sounds great but does it match the job you are applying for or is it too generic?

On the employer side, how the job description is written can also affect how a resume is written and what resumes you receive. If the job description is not written properly it won’t represent what you are looking for to the job seeker and you won’t get those rock star resumes. Have you read your job descriptions and sometimes wondered whether job seekers will even know what you mean? As well, many times job seekers don’t know how to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. It becomes the recruiter’s job to uncover them. A solid job posting, coupled with a thorough recruitment and assessment program can help you in identifying strengths and weaknesses of applicants. If your process is designed properly, you can easily see who the ‘rock stars’ are. And for those that don’t match, they may be a great fit for another position you have.

So remember, when applying for a job, highlight the best of you and make sure that you are a match for the job posting. A solid grasp on your skills and abilities and how they will benefit the employer can help you build that rock star resume and land the job.

Dana Soucie picAbout the Author

Dana Soucie

Dana Soucie is the Recruiter (aka The Fit Finder) for our Stratford Office. She loves working with people and helping them discover new jobs and careers suited to their unique abilities. Outside of work Dana spends much of her time with family and friends, touring on the back of a Harley, volunteering in her local community and attending Sparta races.


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