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Advice from our SRG Recruiters on how to get hired

Whether you are looking for short term employment or want to achieve that permanent position, you must first Get Hired! SRG evaluates applicants and matches their skills to our clients’ criteria. We know from our clients that manufacturing is one of the most difficult positions to fill these days but honestly it’s the soft skills that employers are really looking for. These attributes include work ethic, reliability, communication and motivation. Demonstrating these skills effectively will help get you hired. Here are a few tips that I gathered from the best subject matter experts I could think of, our SRG Recruiters. I would like to extend a special thank you to Dana, Nick, Camilla, Scott, Indy and Steven for your great advice.


Work Ethic is defined by as “a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character” and also by Wiktionary as “the value that one ought to work hard at one’s job or duties”. Demonstrating ‘working hard’ may seem difficult as an applicant but let me share some tips that can showcase your work ethic.

  • TIP: Be prepared to answer questions with real work examples of team work, reliability, conflict management and adaptability. Bring a copy of your resume to help you reference work related examples. Know the company and position you have applied for and be prepared to tell them how you will be an asset to them. Know what you are looking for in terms of hours, commute, and type of work that is acceptable. Ask questions to ensure the position is the right fit for you. Don’t accept the job if it’s not a match.
  • TIP: Participate in the interview and evaluation process. Ask questions; it shows you are interested about the position and follow directions and respond honestly.
  • TIP: Know who your references are and that they can confirm your work ethic and will be available when the recruiter calls them.


Different people have different opinions on what constitutes ‘reliability’. Some will list the number of sick days used in a year, others with speak to an employee going above and beyond to get something finished by a deadline. Consider these tips to demonstrate your reliability.

  • TIP: Be on time for your interview, better yet – be early. Plan for trains, weather and traffic and if the worst case occurs and you need to reschedule be sure to call prior to the interview time.
  • TIP: Respond to requests from the recruiter quickly and prior to the deadlines.


During your appointment, certainly speak to examples of communication in your past positions, but the best way to show your communication skills, is to demonstrate them while speaking during your actual interview. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • TIP: Being courteous will go a long way. Make eye contact, shake hands, dress the part and DO NOT use your cell phones in an interview; better yet turn it off or leave it in the car. When you look at your cell phone you are telling everyone else that what is happening on that phone is more important than the position or the interviewer.
  • TIP: Body language speaks volumes even if you don’t. Be sure to use good posture and lean in, it shows you are interested. Speak slowly with clear sentences, in a moderate tone.


Not unlike work ethic, motivation is a rather intangible soft skill. It is often hard to tell of examples on when you were motivated. However, there are things that you can do during your appointment to actually demonstrate your motivation. Consider these.

  • TIP: Be patient and put your best foot forward. The interview process can be lengthy and you may not understand the importance of what you are doing. Employers use various assessments and interviews to validate that you have the skills, motivation and work ethic to do the job they require. Be enthusiastic; you only have one chance to make a good impression.
  • TIP: Your appearance can show how motivated you are. Be clean and dress appropriate for the position you are applying for.
  • TIP: Professionalism matters. Even if you’re applying for an entry level position, professionalism indicates that you take your position seriously. It shows employers your intent to work hard and work safe for them.

Getting hired is an important goal for most people and showing a potential employer these four core traits will open many doors for you and ensure you are suitable for their organizations. More and more employers are willing to train specific skills but what are really in demand are those soft skills.  Showcasing your work ethic, communication skills, reliability and how motivated you are will serve you well in Getting Hired!

Jackie BeynenAbout the Author

Jackie Beynen
Jackie Beynen is the Operations Manager at SRG, overseeing all of our offices in Southern Ontario. She spends much time analyzing our workforce trends and working closely with our Workforce Development Managers to best service our valued clients. She is actively involved in her community and enjoys traveling which she does several times a year.


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